Benefits of the MOQ

There are many benefits of the Metaphysics of Quality. A question I’m often asked when explaining the MOQ to others is:

‘Why should I believe that value is the source of all things?’

The first response to this question is that unlike the belief that either subjects or objects are at the base of reality – value isn’t something we believe, value is something we experience. Therefore the best way to see if value is at the source of all experience is to try this idea for yourself and to see if it indeed does have any quality. So really the main reason to see value/morality as the most fundamental thing in the universe is that it’s better and more beautiful than if we don’t. There is no reason why we currently insist that either Objects or Subjects are fundamental in the universe. Like all beliefs this belief is itself open to questioning. So what’s better is if we see value/morality as fundamental in the universe and not either subjects or objects.

The Metaphysics of Quality, in particular, is a far superior and more eloquent way of understanding experience. This is because it provides a better conceptual framework for understanding a whole host of problems which exist when we simply use a Subject, Object Metaphysics that neglects the importance of values or morality.

Over the next several posts I’ll be outlining some of these benefits..