Behold - Some clarity to what's usually very messy racism debates!  The MOQ brings it!

I have white skin, others have a different color. They're just different colors. These are the biological values of the human race.  We all have a body and it has a skin color, but these really have nothing to do with the cultures within which we are born.

There are world cultures.  Cultures are unique groupings of intellectual and social values and they change all the time.  Some more quickly than others.  

Some associate a particular culture with a particular skin color and think because a skin color can't change, then the culture can't change either.  This is called Racism and it's immoral and incorrect.

Simply criticizing a culture from afar doesn't mean that you're being racist.  The key thing is if you believe that culture can change for the better as a result of those criticisms.  Another key factor is if criticism is indeed the best way for that other culture to change (probably not) but the original point about it not being racist still stands.

With this in mind - for those outside of Australian Politics - Kerri Anne Kennerly (KAK) is Australian television royalty in line with Barbara Walters in the US.  But her opinions on the latest 'Australia Day' protests by indigenous groups has one of her co-hosts - Yumi Styne - caling her racist.

We can break Kerri Anne's original premise which drew the racism charge down as follows:

Kerri Anne starts by asking if any of the protesters have been out to the outback to see the sub-standard living conditions of indigenous folks there where numerous studies have shown a far higher rate of child abuse and substance abuse as well as a general lack of school attendance and education.

This criticism, whilst it is indeed based in fact, has a glaring problem.  That problem is the implied criticism that because they have issues within their own community they should not be throwing stones at another very related issue - the Australian National Day and how it's emblematic of indigenous mistreatment in Australia.  

And here Kerri Anne's implied criticism is incorrect.  Just because indigenous Australians have problems within their own communities, the way to solve those problems might indeed include a better reconciliation with non-indigenous Australians, and so they should indeed be able to protest the date of the national day.  

So it's not clear if it is indeed racism(probably not) that's driving Kerri Anne's insistence that protesters stop protesting and go to the outback instead.  But it is misguided to insist this and it doesn't seem to be in line with any sort of reconciliation that would reduce the alienation issues amongst not only indigenous Australians but indigenous groups across the world.

See - the MOQ brings a bit of clarity to racism debates and makes them far more constructive.  

Can we all start using it when we want to discuss any issues amongst cultures please?


Existential Clip of the week.

I see the Metaphysics of Quality as an answer to existentialism which continually points out the apparent utter meaninglessness of existence. The scientific presentation of this clip really shows the origins of those ideas and how if A causes B then it really asks "What's the point?"  The title and main lyric of the song 'Remind Me' really do echo the mood of existentialism which really doesn't have much of an answer but is merely reflecting back what science seems to be telling us.

I feel like right after this clip the Metaphysics of Quality takes over.  Well it did in my life anyway.

Ancient Greece - what a vibrant amazing place. Think of white robes and stoic purity when thinking of Ancient Greece? Think again.

I love to remind myself that it was a colorful and vibrant place, full of new ideas, intellectual arguments and the beginning of the creation of our modern day scientific understanding.

Of course, it's not just the colors of the statues that were different than what we've thought for a long time. But indeed - the place of that intellectual explosion and what exactly happened all those years ago is widely misunderstood. It's time to revisit and re-understand exactly what happened all those years back then.


I'll write more about this soon but for now you can read more here - The Story...

Daily exercise is moral. There I said it. This is an unusual sentence but one that is logically correct and actually also more truthful and honest than any other statement about exercise.

It's a sentence that I can only say because I'm using a metaphysics that is built for this 21st Century. A metaphysics that allows us to move beyond all traditional interpretations of morality and place even everyday activities into a moral context. A moral context that isn't just logically true for me in my place and time - like our current morality would say, but it's true and moral for all people, everywhere.

I can say this because I can philosophically and logically justify the sentence using the Metaphysics of Quality (MOQ). Because unlike Zazen as described in an earlier post, exercise, as static quality; does have clear qualitative justifications for why its a good thing. In fact, whilst it is fundamentally a biological activity - it’s actually something that’s good on every level and this is really why it’s so moral to do every day.

For example, intellectually science is increasingly demonstrating the benefits of regular exercise. It has been shown to benefit the health of both body and mind in many ways. But the biological effects of feeling good as well as the social benefits of looking good are both empirically verifiable and legitimate as well.

And as an aside - this is also another reason why the celebrities I wrote about in my previous post are so good. They show that you can do professional level exercise and yet maintain a moral vegan diet at the same time - both things supported by the MOQ.

Personally I’ve recently been spending up to two hours a day at the gym doing various cardio and strength based exercises. But for someone who has limited free time for exercise, studies are increasingly showing that High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is an effective way of getting fit and healthy in an extremely time limited way.

Along these lines please enjoy a video above showing a daily HIIT routine that basically anyone can do so long as they are honestly pushing themselves through.

The Metaphysics Of Quality (MOQ) points out that as social values exist; celebrity culture is unavoidable. Because of this we should thus encourage those celebrites that are moving society in a better direction. Two of those celebrites are Rich Roll and Nimai Delgado.

Two vegan athletes, breaking stereotypes of vegan protein deficiencies and showing that you can still live a healthy life and actually thrive on a purely plant based diet.

I’ve written before about the morality of a vegan diet and that’s why these two athletes are celebrites supported by the MOQ.

Enjoy a preview of their chat above or you can listen to and watch the whole podcast here.